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rEO objectives


To ensure the client is given personal attention.
To provide products and services that suit the needs of clients and the market.
To provide high-quality services to the clients and to carry out contractual obligations.
To ensure stable operation of work tools and equipment, timely response to inquiries and solution of problems, which in turn provides financial benefits for the company, enables staff professional development and business development.


To ensure the confidentiality of the client.
To inform clients, workers and providers about the management of safety and risks.
To aspire that the safety of information would be ensured by the newest technology and high-quality equipment.
Perform internal information security monitoring.
To identify and implement improvement opportunities.
To manage risks, to take responsibility and to provide for the removal of incidents.


To take care of each client individually.
To look deep into each client's needs and analyse even the slightest nuances in order to avoid subsequent errors.
To provide reliable and high-quality produce and services.
To execute service obligations.
Comply with customer laws and other regulatory legislation.
Constantly improve the quality management system, meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, and the service management system, meeting the requirements of the ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 standard.
To improve the efficiency of the service management system.     



To provide employees with conditions for productive and high-quality work.
To recognise the achievements of our employees and promote creative initiative.
To continuously raise the qualification of employees.
To annually review the quality and service management policy for it to always remain appropriate.
All REO staff is familiar with this quality policy and operate under its provisions.

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