REO technical centre offers these services as well as analysing client's expectations and resources:

• Diagnostics and repairs of all types of desktop and loptop computers, servers and monitors;

• Computer network hardware and software installation, maintenance, diagnostics and troubleshooting;

• Standart (Microsoft, Linux) and alternative software installation;

• Software malfunction diagnostics and repairs, data recovery and protection services;

• Linux server installation, configuration and maintenance;

• Integrated maintenance of computer networks, servers and printers ;

We guarantee the effectiveness of our solutions and services. If necessary, services can be delivered and provided at the client's workplace. We are committed to consulting, advising and finding solutions when and if questions arise.

Technical centre contacts

Artūras Slaminskas - Technical center Director,
+370 37 282222, servisas@reo.lt, arturas.slaminskas@reo.lt, +370 686 39222

RMA login:              http://rma.reo.lt/

Remote assistance: http://www.reo.lt/reopagalba.exe




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